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Artwork Silk

There's a magical alchemy that occurs when my paintbrush filled with liquid dye touches translucent silk fibers and spreads in a rainbow. The marriage of color and light creates gorgeous luminous possibilities for imagery. And the texture and comfort of silk is beyond compare.
Each silk scarf is individually hand-painted with French dyes that are layered for unique color blending effects. After painting, the silk is professionally steamed, rinsed and pressed to create a permanent bond between color and fiber and to restore the silk's soft luscious texture. They are easy to care for with gentle handwashing (using Johnson's Baby Shampoo) or drycleaning.

While no two scarves can ever be exactly the same, I can create a scarf for you based on the styles below. Choose a color pallette and shape (oblong or square) for your silk painting. For more information, contact the artist. Click on the swatches to see samples of each style.

Dot Dash
Fruit Tree
Leaf Patterned
Digital Silk