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Peg Toliver is an artist and yoga instructor who has studied a range of mind/body disciplines that are reflected in her art. Her photographs celebrate the radiance present in nature that is accessible when we quiet our minds and open our senses. In the last decade she began exploring the medium of silk painting, as the characteristic sheen and transparency of silk reveals the quality of luminescence that is the subject of much of her artwork. 

Born in Chicago, Peg has lived for the last 4 decades in Central Illinois, raising her family in Eureka, teaching Art History at Eureka College and Illinois Central College. She directed the Art Therapy Program at Eureka College and offered numerous personal growth workshops at community centers and social service agencies in Central Illinois. Peg was a Gallery Store Manager at Peoria Art Guild and a resident artist at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria. She brings to her studio life a deep connection to nature and a background in art history, philosophy and counseling psychology.

After certification as a yoga instructor in 2007, Peg blended her interest in visual arts, imagery and movement, offering Creative Practice Art and Yoga classes in the community. In collaboration with her biologist husband, Peg designed the Lake Eureka Natural History website funded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to document the abundance of plant and animal life in the Mackinaw Valley Watershed. She now has a home studio on Sugar Creek in Normal, IL where wild turkeys, mallard ducks and groundhogs are common visitors.