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Artwork Digital Renderings

Peg Toliver creates these works digitally, starting as photo files shot with a digital camera, then altered in the computer, using filters, digital paint brushes, drawing, erasing and texturing tools. The digital renderings are printed on fine art paper made of cotton rag with a matte surface or textured watercolor surface. Their final appearance is closer to the feel of a hand-pulled print or watercolor image. Peg can be commissioned to create digital renderings of most any of the images on the website.

I surprised myself when I realized that I could use the computer with the same fascination and absorption that occurred when I used a pencil or paintbrush. While the process of making these digital renderings lacks the tactile experience of traditional art materials, it requires the same creative thinking process as traditional studio techniques. With digital editing techniques, I can delete the distracting elements in the image and hone in on the subject, more precisely expressing the object of my attention. This provides me with the freedom that painters have always had -- to distinctly isolate a visual motif, to convey a sense of atmosphere, to merge multiple subjects in one image, and to express emotional tone in an image. These editing tools also allow me to better match colors and tones to the needs of a particular client.

Peg Toliver